Oss Patch

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Oss Patch

It is made of 70% polycaprolactone & 30% Hydroxyapatite. PCL with HA is electrospan to generate nano fibers . these fibers are deposited layer by layer and this patch is formed.

Nano fibers of PCL are good breeding ground for osteoblast. the patch has affinity with osteoblast. There are chances of bone forming in and around this patch. Presence of HA conducts Bone Formation. HA is Osteoconductive.


Thickness        Size        

1.0mm             3 x 5 cm

0.5mm           5 x 8 cm

0.5mm          8 x 10 cm

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1.0mm 3 x 5cm, 0.5mm 5 x 8cm, 0.5 mm 8x 10cm

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