Gynaec Instrument

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Gynaec Instrument

Instrument List-

Sr- Num Product Description
1 Short\Wrigly Forceps
2 Baby Weighing Scale
3 Baby Tray S.S.
4 Fetal Heart Monitor (Doppler)
5 Sims Speculum     Small
6 Sims Speculum     Medium
7 Sims Speculum     Large
8 Sims Speculum     Ex Large
9 Anti Vaginal Wall Retractor
10 Blunt &Sharp Curette
11 Hegars Dilators Set Of 10
12 MTP Metal Cannula 5,6,7,8,9,10,12,
13 Mucus Bulb
14 Cuscos Specullam   Small
15 Cuscos Specullam   Medium
16 Cuscos Specullam   Large
17 Cuscos Specullam  Ex Large
18 Ovum Forcep
19 Vulsellum Forcep
20 Episiptomy Scissors
21 Cord Cutting Scissors
22 Heaneys Clamps
23 Green Armytage/Main Goat Clamp
24 E. B Curette
25 Hysterectomy Clamp Atrogripe
26 Uterine Holding Forceps Shirodkar
27 Uterine Sound
28 Tenaculam Forceps 10″
29 L.W.Cannula

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Short\Wrigly Forceps, Baby Weighing Scale, Baby Tray S.S., Fetal Heart Monitor (Doppler), Sims Speculum Small, Sims Speculum Medium, Sims Speculum Large, Sims Speculum Ex Large, Anti Vaginal Wall Retractor, Blunt &Sharp Curette, Hegars Dilators Set Of 10, MTP Metal Cannula 5,6,7,8,9,10,12,, Mucus Bulb, Cuscos Specullam Small, Cuscos Specullam Medium, Cuscos Specullam Large, Cuscos Specullam Ex Large, Ovum Forcep, Vulsellum Forcep, Episiptomy Scissors, Cord Cutting Scissors, Heaneys Clamps, Green Armytage/Main Goat Clamp, E. B Curette, Hysterectomy Clamp Atrogripe, Uterine Holding Forceps Shirodkar, Uterine Sound, Tenaculam Forceps 10", L.W.Cannula

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